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Information About Doors

Types Doors can be classified based on the area of use. Doors are not only used at the entrance of the home or a building but also used in the rooms and areas inside them. You can contact door companies to select the best doors. Based on that factor, they are classified into exterior doors and interior doors.

  1. a) Exterior Doors
Exterior doors are used at the entrance of the home or a building which provides the entry and exit to them. As the main point of entry, these doors will be the center of attraction for the visitors. They should have better-insulating properties than interior doors because they are exposed to all types of weather conditions. The weather strips and sill in the door will seal the elements out more effectively. More than one panel can be used in exterior doors. Double doors or Folding doors can provide a greater opening to the home. Glasses can be used in the exterior doors for extra style.
  1. b) Interior Doors
They are smaller and lighter compared to exterior doors and it is the passage between rooms. These doors have no sill and air can flow freely inside the room. The interior doors can match up your interior design of the room. There are different styles, colors, materials, and the type of door available. Door Components There are different components to finish the door perfectly. They are mentioned below: 1) Door Panel Door panel also called door leaf is the part that moves or swing left or right or slide sideways. Sometimes, it can be split into two parts as seen in Double doors. Many different materials such as wood, fiberglass, steel, iron, glass, etc. 2) Door Frame The frame holds the panel in the place by surrounding it. The frame consists of 2 jambs(sides), a header(top), and a sill(bottom). Sill is not necessary for interior doors. The materials used for panels can be used for frames. 3) The Door Trim The trim is used to join the frame and wall interface together. It is mostly made of wood but other materials can also be used. 4) The Hinge Hinge is required for the panel-frame interface. It is made out of metal to provide strength and at least 2 hinges are used for a one-panel door. 5) The Door Handle and Lock A handle with good grip should be attached to the door when moving the panel smoothly. Metal or Wood handles can be preferred. Different forms of door locks such as thumb turn, latch-type, hook or keyed lacks are available.]]>

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