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Guide On How To Redo Your Kitchen Cabinets Yourself

  • Taking up the project
  •   Before you begin to redo your kitchen cabinets yourself, you need to know some important things about such a project. Keep in mind that this is an advanced DIY task that takes time, effort and expertise. You will need to invest in all the right tools and material along with safety gear. Also, your kitchen may not be functional while the makeover is in process. Make sure that you are totally committed to the project and are capable of handling all the sanding, painting, polishing and installation that is required.
    1. Clean the kitchen
      Once you have committed yourself to this project, the first step to begin is cleaning the kitchen. This includes all the hardware and cabinetry. These will have to be taken off the walls, cleaned and dried. You may also choose to repaint the walls before putting the cabinets back. This will spruce up your kitchen even more. Numbering the cabinets once removed, is a good idea so that you will put them back in the right place. You also need to pay attention to kitchen cabinet drawer inserts while removing and cleaning them.
    1. Ensure safety
      This is important for yourself as well as for the kitchen. Make sure you cover all the appliances, the counter tops and the kitchen floor so that no paint, stripping material or any dangerous substance can spoil these. You could also move certain handy appliances before you get started. Wear the right gear while working. This especially includes gloves and eye protection. Do not touch any substances with bare hands.
    1. Stripping the cabinets
      You will need to strip the cabinets of their finish. This should be done in a well-ventilated area, preferably outdoors. Next step is to choose the right stripping agent depending on the cabinet finish. Cabinet finishes include shellac, lacquer, varnish, paint, and others. Accordingly, you will have to choose stripping agents like denatured alcohol, lacquer thinner or varnish remover strips. You can start the process in a small corner of one of the cabinets to ensure that you are using the right agent and that it is working.
    1. Refinishing
      After stripping, you need to sand the cabinets so that the surface is smooth. If there are any holes or scratches, these can be mended using wood fillers. The final step is to give the cabinets a new coat of paint. Once the paint has dried, you can reinstall all the cabinets back on the walls where they were. This project is an affordable and easy way of giving your kitchen a clean, new look.]]>

    Kitchen Improvement

    Kitchens: The Heart of The Home

    How to Plan for Kitchen Remodelling Most homeowners spend a lot of money renovating the kitchen than any other room in the house. The reason is that the kitchen is the heart of the home. So, if remodelling the kitchen uses a lot of money, you can recover the cash by the value the new design brings to your home. To ensure that you have a good environment after you makeover your kitchen, follow the steps below: Plan, Plan, Plan Planning a kitchen makeover can take a lot of time than the actual process of remodelling. If you plan well, then you will minimize the time you will need to complete the project. Plus, you will more likely stay within the budget. But how much time should you take to plan? Well, it is recommended to take to spend at least 6 months. This is ample time that will not attract any temptation to change your mind while the construction is ongoing.  Be Realistic About the Appliances You Need You can easily be carried away as you plan for the kitchen makeover. It can be eye-catching to think of a six-burner commercial grade cooker and a luxurious refrigerator. Sadly, they may not fit the needs of your home. You need to get kitchen appliances that fit the functionality and design of your kitchen.  So, unless you a chef in a four-star hotel, focus on features that add value to your kitchen, like flooring and cabinets. Be Creative With Kitchen Lighting Lighting can breath new life in your kitchen. Your kitchen can appear larger and brighter while making it safe and efficient to work in the environment. It is important to have at least two different types of kitchen lighting Ambient lighting: wall sconces, ceiling fixtures, and track lights can create a unique feel to your kitchen, you can add dimmer switches to control the mood and intensity. Task lighting: you should have under cabinet lighting since cabinets can be dark areas. Plan to have at least two fixtures to counter the dark areas in working areas. You can also use pendant lights that are good for counters and islands without low cabinets. Track lights and recessed lights work well over general prep stations and sinks that do not have cabinets overhead. Focus on Quality The top two priorities in the kitchen should be functionality and durability. Avoid low-quality products. Choose products that have long warranties and need low maintenance. For instance, choose solid surface countertops that will serve you for a long time with less maintenance. Additionally, if you will plan to move at a later date, then these products will increase the resale value of the house. Maintain the Same Fixtures If you change the location of electrical outlets and plumbing pipes, you will easily drive the remodelling costs up. If possible, ensure that you keep the water fixtures, appliances, and walls in the same location. This step will save you a lot of reconstruction costs, and you will also cut down the debris in our home.]]>

    Kitchen Improvement

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    Kitchen Improvement

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    Kitchen Improvement

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    Kitchen Improvement

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    Kitchen Improvement

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    Kitchen Improvement

    10 Must-Have Elements of Modern Kitchen Design

  • Residential kitchens
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Our article today will focus on must-have elements of a modern residential kitchen design. They include:

    Lack of ornamentation

    This is one of the areas where modern kitchens stand out from contemporary kitchens. You would never encounter a tile with patterned shapes in a modern kitchen. That’s unnatural. You might see counter flat-paneled door styles including sleek hardware joined by a full length glass back. Lack of ornamentation is one of the characteristics that make modern kitchens stand out. They tend to keep things simple.

    Horizontal lines

    This may or may not be on purpose but if you look closely enough at modern kitchens you’ll notice that they have a high affinity for long, horizontal hardware. This is sometimes done to accentuate drawer lines. More often than not, you’ll notice that modern kitchens feature a horizontal theme.

    Industrial elements

    Few things are as modern as industrial details. Some would say that they are the pinnacle of modern design. There is something unexplainable about the raw elements of industrial details. These details are instantly identified as being modern. It’s safe to say that no modern kitchen is truly complete without industrial elements.

    Natural elements

    Don’t misquote us; we never said that modern kitchen owners should completely get rid of ornaments. We only advised against excessive ornamentation. Modern kitchens can feature a little bit of ornamentation, but when they do, they should get it from natural characteristics in natural materials. An excellent example of this would be oak’s horizontal grain.


    A lot of homes incorporate pantries in their kitchens to create a little more space and make them a little more open. Pantries give your kitchen and home a more spacious feel. This is done by making cupboards less visible and hiding a few of the kitchen functions. Pantries also provide you with extra storage space for appliances, food and even an extra sink. They vary in size and functionality, so don’t be scared to incorporate a pantry into your home.

    Sliding paneled sink

    Your kitchen sink is a hole on your countertop and it just messes up the aesthetics of your surface and kitchen in general. It’s safe to say that kitchen sinks are a necessary evil that all kitchens must have. With sliding panels you can make it look a little less disruptive.

    Storage on countertops

    While creating magic in the kitchen, your tools might prove to be harder to find and get to than expected. Countertop storage keeps your tools in your line of sight and within arms reach. Countertop storages are a minimalist’s dream. They keep everything clean and tidy without taking too much space.

    Space efficient cabinets

    Anyone that has ever been inside a kitchen would know that they occupy a lot of space. Some might say that they take up too much space and they wouldn’t be wrong. According to independent researches done by analysts, cabinets/ cupboards occupy 70% or more of a regular kitchen total space. Introducing space-efficient cabinets would save you a lot of kitchen space and make your kitchen genuinely modern.

    Eye catching lighting

    A light bulb’s job transcends way beyond just keeping a room well lit. Nowhere else is that fact more true than in modern kitchens. The lighting in a kitchen is meant to capture the attention of all those around it.  Incorporating flamboyant lighting might be what your kitchen needs.

    Sliding cooktop covers

    This element is similar to sinks with sliding panels over them. Cooktops take a considerable amount of space, so to save space you can decide to invest in a sliding cook top cover. It will convert the area your cooktop into a flat top counter when not in use. Image Pixabay CC0 License]]>

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    How To Make Our Kitchen Smell Good?

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