How To Prepare Your House for the Winter Months

The arrival of cooler temperatures means that it’s time to prepare your home for winter. Whether you look forward to sweater weather or dread the disappearance of the sun, there are a few important things you can do before the first snowfall of the year to make the winter months a comfortable, low-stress experience.

Check on Your Climate Control

You don’t want to discover that your heater isn’t working the first day you need it, so call an HVAC technician to do a checkup on your heating system and perform any necessary maintenance on your air conditioner before you shut it down for the winter. If you need to make an upgrade, review your heating needs to decide on whether you’d prefer a ductless heat pump installation Lacey WA or a traditional ducted central heating system. Check your filters and change them if they’re dirty.

Winterize Your Outdoor Amenities

It’s essential to drain and turn off all your outdoor faucets and pipes before the first freeze. Any water left in these systems will expand when it freezes, damaging pipes and potentially the surrounding structure of the house. Pick up a few insulated outdoor faucet covers and make sure they fit tightly around the entire faucet. While you’re outside, cover or store outdoor furniture so it stays fresh and functional for next year.

Inspect Door, Attic, and Window Insulation

Poor insulation and drafty doors and windows are common, particularly in older houses, but they’ll cost you money on your heating bill. Before you run the heater, look for light seeping through in the attic and check for drafts in doors and windows. If you find drafts, you can apply weatherstripping yourself, but you’ll want to call a pro to fix up any attic insulation issues you unearth.

You may never love the coldest months of the year, but if you take time to prepare for their arrival, you’ll be able to count on a warm, comfortable house to carry you through them.