Where to purchase flood insurance for homeowners?

cleanup for home flooding. Flood water is contaminated and contains mud and debris. It can wreck the structure and foundation of a building. Your hundreds of dollars can get ruined as soon as water enters. Your heating and cooling system, basement, ducts, utilities and roofing can get damage if the flood water situation is severe and stay longer period. When flooding occurs, immediate action for cleaning up and decontamination process should start to prevent further damage and health issues. In the meantime, contact your insurance agent. Flood water cleanup and repair is costly. To protect your home from flood damage, see that you get homeowners insurance coverage separately for flood and sewage, because usually insurance companies do not cover water damage. They only cover sudden and internal damage such as from a burst pipe. It does not cover gradual water damage. If you are living in flood zone area, flood water insurance is a must. But flood also occur areas away from river, in inland areas. Your home can experience flood due to snow melt, sewage or drain backups, water main supply breaks or swimming pool collapses. All these conditions require separate flood insurance policy only. Simple insurance policies also do not cover mold growth after water damage. To claim for insurance, you should take thorough notes, pictures and make list of everything damaged in flood water. Keep record of damage for the inspection of adjuster from flood insurance company. Everyone can get homeowner flood insurance policy, even he is not residing in flood zone area. Flood insurance policies are easily available from National Flood Insurance Program, made all the rules, rates and regulations. Private insurers are allowed to sell NFIP policies as per their rules and ratings. These private insurance companies do marketing, manage policy processing and claims. NFIP offer replacement cost, coverage for the structural value of your home. It means you can get money to rebuild your building as it was before water damage. But the coverage for your possessions, is actual cash value. It means if your belongings are old and lost their value, replacing them will become very costly on your own. There are limits on coverage of stored furniture in the basement. Many private insurance agents are offering primary flood insurance coverage of higher level. Excess flood insurance is available for people who need additional insurance protection or residing in areas does not include in NFIP. Excess flood insurance is available throughout the country, high flood zone areas, near coastline, rivers banks, ponds and areas of low risk flood. You can purchase separate flood insurance from specialized insurance companies and regular home insurance agents working with specialized insurers for their policy holders.]]>