How to Choose the Ideal Graphic Designer

Consider their Experience Establishing your potential designer’s skill level is a critical step before hiring a designer. This way, you are able to establish whether or not they can execute your task accordingly. If your candidate is a novice or less experienced designer, you could request them to complete a paid sample project. You could be surprised at how capable some less experienced designers are. Still, having prior experience plays a major role in eradicating the learning curve needed to orient potential candidates or newly hired designers to the project. In addition, it helps your designers to connect with your needs and those of your customers with ease.

Check their Reviews

In this digital age, a good designer will have an online portfolio not only to demonstrate his work but also where his previous clients can leave their reviews. Check for your potential designer’s website and read what his past clients have to say regarding his work. Are there positive reviews? If the portfolio looks unauthentic you may want to continue with your search until you can get a reliable designer.

Provide a Sample Project

Determining whether or not potential designers can complete your project satisfactorily can be a difficult task. What’s more, many candidates will promise things they can hardly deliver. This is why you need to have your potential designers execute a sample project. You should not be fooled by impressive academic transcripts because a candidate who lacks a passion for the job and enough experience will add less value to your project. One of the ideal ways to establish a designer’s skills is by giving them a short sample project. This gives you a first-hand experience of what to expect from the candidates should you hire them, and makes it easier for you to narrow down your candidates according to their skill level. Remember, paying for the sample project will not only motivate your candidates, but it will also help them trust you especially if you are hiring remotely.

Have Clear Objectives and Expectations

For your project to attract the right skill, you want to provide detailed information about it. Include sufficient details about your company, your goals about the project, and your preferred qualifications. Ensure your job description includes the project deadline and inform potential candidates about any challenges they may expect while executing the project. Make the description as clear as possible to ensure that your potential candidates understand what it entails. This makes it easier for them to evaluate whether or not they can meet your requirements before placing an application.

Outline Your Preferred Skills

As a client, you should have a fundamental understanding of the design industry. You need to understand the specific skills to look out for before putting up your job description. For example, are you looking to buy poster prints online or will your potential candidate incorporate certain photos within your project? How will your project be executed? There are various design platforms that you can choose to create your design prints. You may want to outline your preferred platform upfront. This way, potential candidates won’t have to submit proposals for projects they are not qualified for.

Look Beyond the Portfolio

Chances are high that your list of potential designers will have remarkable portfolios. While portfolios help you figure out the projects candidates have worked on, you should not solely rely on them when choosing your ideal designer. Scrutinize their portfolios and still seek more information regarding all the projects they have successfully completed. Establish where they derived their inspiration for the execution of specific to determine their creative process. Understanding your ideal designer’s inner creativity gives helps you master how you can inspire and complement them in your project.


While academic performance and level of skill are important factors to look for when choosing your ideal designer, candidates should also be innovative and creative. Of course, you will need to read through their portfolio or resume to understand them clearly. However, you will also need to interview them or have them complete a sample project in order to determine how creative they are.]]>

Home Improvement

Cleaning and Prepping a Chemotherapy Patient's Home

Finding out that someone you know or care about needs to undergo or currently on chemotherapy is a tough time. While you have a lot of questions about what the patient should expect and how or what the treatment is all about, it is imperative to know and understand that every person has a different experience when it comes to this topic. However, one thing is for sure, the patient and their loved ones need to make a lot of preparations at home to give the patient a big chance to be healthy and stay fit.


It is vital to keep the house as clean as possible during this hard time. Bacteria and viruses that would pose a severe threat to people with a healthy immune system can spell trouble for the patient with a compromised immune system. Clean the house regularly with soap or disinfectant cleaners.

Pay extra attention to the bathroom, kitchen and bedroom. Make sure that you have an ample amount of disinfectant wipes near you to wipe phones, game controllers, toys and other items in the house regularly. Vacuuming the entire house using a vacuum cleaner with High-Efficiency Particulate Air or HEPA filter will keep the air inside the home comfortable and clean for the chemo patient. Separating air cleaners are not usually required. If you do not have time to do all this stuff, you always have an option to hire a cancer patient cleaning company to do all of these.

Get rid of all the molds

Molds can be threatening for people that are receiving chemotherapy treatment. Getting rid of these molds should be on the top of your priority list when you are cleaning and preparing the house. The molds need to be removed before the patient returns.

Bleach solutions will remove all the mold from the house’s hard surface area, but porous materials like drywall should be replaced immediately. Not only that, it is imperative to know the source of the mold. Standing water, as well as, leaks should also be eliminated, and all construction work on hold since moist is one triggering factor of mold growth.  

Healthy diet

It can be very difficult to absorb as many nutrients as possible when you are not feeling well because of chemotherapy. You need to consider a lot of factors when choosing food. Make sure that the food is easy for the patient to chew and swallow to make it a lot easier to find something agreeable to both parties.

It is very important to maintain a high standard when it comes to the cleanliness of the food preparation area. You need to serve pasteurized juices only. The fruits and vegetables being juiced should be appropriately washed under running water.

To find out what the diet patients need during chemotherapy, visit this site.

Usually, fruits and vegetables will be peeled before you ingest them. Melons and berries should also be adequately examined before you serve them to the patient to make sure that they are free from any molds and bacteria. The easiest way to make sure that all the food the patient ingest is sanitary is by washing them in clean and flowing water, but if that is not possible, soak them in soap and warm water, then rinse it with hot running water. Plastic and disposable paper dishes can minimize the strain of keeping all the dishes sanitized.

Preparing the bedrooms

Chemotherapy can make sleeping a lot more difficult for the patient, whether from queasiness or the discomfort and pain in the body. As the treatment progresses, the patient can become very frail or can develop balance problems. With all this in mind, providing medical beds for the patient can be an excellent addition to their home. Medical beds can help keep the patient comfortable and relieve the pressure, at the same time, making it easier for the patient to move around, get in and out of bed and sit up.

Washing hands

People living in the house need to develop the habit of washing their hands regularly. They can use over the counter surgical hand scrub and wash for at least 30 seconds. Rinse thoroughly under clean and running water. Use a paper towel to dry the hands.

Why do you need to wash your hands?

As you can see, there are a lot of things you need to think about when you have a patient undergoing the chemotherapy process. Depending on the patient’s age, as well as, the kind of chemotherapy that was administered, the people can do all the things mentioned above on their own.

Having someone available to make sure that the patient’s house is clean, maintenance problems are dealt with, and healthy and safe food is readily available for the patients will allow people undergoing chemotherapy to save their remaining energy to more important matters.

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Why It Matters to Choose the Right Window Fitters for the Job

Are you looking to have new windows installed in your house? Do you want your windows to look more modern and new so your house can look beautiful? Are you looking for a way to see more of the outside or perhaps let more light inside the house? Whatever your needs and requirements are, you have to pick only the best window fitters in your area. Here are some reasons why:

A Perfect Finish

The biggest challenge window fitters and installers face is to keep it neat and clean. When you install new windows, the entire structure has to come out at times. Installing the whole thing back in an existing wall with paint on it requires only expert hands. Even the slightest mistake can make the final outcome ugly and unsightly. You never want to end up with that.

A Range of Choices

You might not have noticed but there are dozens of different types of windows. Only the right fitters would know these options. Some windows are installed without glasses. Some are protruding outwards while some are hanging inside the house. In fact, some windows are installed in the corners of the house. If your fitters can install them all, you have got in touch with the right people.

A Guaranteed Job

One of the most important things about windows is that they can start losing their shape quite quickly. Opening and closing the windows repeatedly in addition to the winds, hailing, rainfalls, etc. can cause the windows to break easily. However, you don’t have to face any major repairs if your windows were installed properly the first time.

In the end, it is important to realize that cheap and affordable does not always mean the best. Pick only the best fitters for your windows even if you have to pay a few extra pounds. 


Best toilet seats for children training

Introduction It’s natural for every parent to want to get their kids out of diapers. This is a very simple process, but it involves a lot of skills and patience. As a parent all you need is the right potty-training plan, the right items and above all patience to get the kid through the entire process. For your child to get comfort, confidence and the right skills, you need to have the best training potty; be it a potty chair or a potty seat. In this article you will find all the necessary information you need in case you want to start toilet training your child or finding the best replacement toilet seat, shop products. When Should you Start Toilet Training You can start toilet training as long as your child is ready to get off their nappies to the potty. For you to start this process you have to carry out some research about some of the best products. Note that by getting the right training products you will help make your child’s transition stress-free. The Best Training Toilet Seats You might be wondering whether you should get your child a training potty seat or potty chair. Well, for children under the age of 3 years, a potty chair is the best option. You should get a toddler-sized potty that sits on the floor, in a way that it is easy for your child to access it with or without help. The best potty chair should have an inner basin and a splash guard that can be removed, emptied and cleaned. However, for the toilet seat everything is made easier and this is because it sits on top of your toilet. Here are some of the best toilet seats for beginning training or even for replacement toilet seat use: • A potty chair that resembles a toilet-this is the best training potty that helps a child transition easily. This type of potty chair comes with a handle that can flush and if lucky, you might get one with an in-built wipes compartment. • Classic Potty chair-this potty is called classic because it comes with a classy design that is complete with a splash guard and it comes in different colours. It also has a comfortable high back and two armrests. • Adjustable potty chair-this is the type of potty chair that grows with your kid. The seat can be adjusted to two different heights. It also has a high back that allows the kid to rest on, and handles that help the child get up and down with or without support. • Cushioned potty seat-a seat that has squishy anti-slip foam that ensures your child gets maximum comfort. Most potty seats usually lie flat but this one has a back and sides that have been highly moulded thus the child is kept secure. • Multi-use Potty chair-this is a type of seat that can be used for more than one purpose. We have seen so many 2-in-1 potty seats but this one is different in that it can turn into a kid-sized chair that can be used for normal uses. It also has a high back that gives the child comfort. Before you start toilet training your child you have to carry out a research about the best toilet seats so that the process can be easier for both you and your child.]]>


Is lino still popular for kitchens and bathrooms

Why Choose Lino for Flooring Linoleum flooring is durable, stain-resistant, eco-friendly and tough which are characteristics that make it the best option for your kitchen or bathroom. However, over time lino flooring has faced some stiff competition from luxury vinyl flooring (lvt flooring) but there has been renewed interest in lino flooring. The main reason for this is because lino flooring has so many benefits over the other types of flooring. Linoleum flooring has been used for both home and commercial purposes. These are some of the pros and cons of linoleum flooring: Benefits of Linoleum Flooring Lino is one of the best flooring for both kitchens and bathrooms. Here are some of the advantages of lino: • Environmentally friendly Linoleum is known as a natural product since it is made mostly from wood flour, limestone dust, linseed oil and cork powder. These components are renewable, and they do not pollute the environment. Unlike lvt flooring, these materials break down easily in landfills. • Durable Lino often has a warranty of 25 years, and if you take care of this flooring well it might last for longer. Another advantage is that even if the floor gets scratches they are less visible to the eye which makes it the best option for kitchen and bathroom flooring. Linoleum is a solid material that is thick, therefore scratches and gouges are not apparent. • Anti-microbial and non-allergenic If you are sensitive to chemicals, linoleum does not cause any allergic reactions. This flooring can be easily cleaned hence it is resistant to bacteria, and since the material is anti-static dust and dirt do not cling to the surface. • Variety of designs Linoleum is the best option for retro styles and it fits perfectly for classic designs. It gives your space a modern and classy look which is the dream of every homeowner. There are a wide range of designs that you can choose from. • Easy-to-maintain Lino is fairly easy to clean and it needs just a little extra effort to take care of. However, it is advisable that you should not immerse linoleum floor in water but instead just clean it with a damp mob. You can check out how to clean lino flooring. As long as you choose the right design and maintain your lino flooring, you will get the best services from this product for a long period of time.]]>


Why It Is Important To Keep Your Air Conditioning System Clean

How Often Have You Cleaned? It is important to be cleaned every six months at least. This is especially true if your pickup is near your front or back door. Surprise amount of garbage can be entered at any time. This can be done through filtration system. Although it does not, it will still clog the filter. You will have problems with taking, which leads to less air blown throughout your home or office. By doing this is cleaned at least twice a year, you can maintain the efficiency of the AC unit that keeps everything cool.

How Do You Find A Company That Can Do It For You?

Finding aircon companies that can help you get started by searching google online. You can find the keyword  Aircon Servicing Singapore  . These HVAC companies can come out to evaluate your situation and then give you an approximate price. This will make it easier for you to make the right decisions. Some of them will have online reviews where people have left their feedback after the service. This can help you decide which one to use. They may have a special plan where they will provide a fixed service at a discounted price as long as you register with the package they offer.

How To Make Them You Choose The Right Company

The best aircon service companies tend to be those who have been providing this service since very long time. They will have excellent feedback from customers, as well as businesses in the area. Some of this information is available online. You can find them, and based on the surveys you found, you can make your decisions quickly. It is also important to get estimates from as many companies as possible. Some of them may not have the best ratings, but they will have the lowest prices.

How quickly can they get out to your location?

They can get out of your location quickly in most cases. You may also have an emergency situation. For example, if this is mid-summer, and your aircon unit is no longer working properly, they may be able within 24 hours. That is why it is important to conduct research on early companies. This ensures that you will get the best prices from companies that provide fast service. You will know that if you have a problem, the next day, they can come out to help you recover the situation again.

Does He Know What Type of Air Conditioner Do You Have?

It does not matter what type of aircon unit you’re using. They are always able to give you exceptional service for your aircon system. This can be a inverter or window type unit or it can be central aircon unit . They will know exactly how to solve any problems. In addition, these companies will also provide you with a service to clean the filters, channels, and even the compressors you use. If you’ve spent a lot of money on the aircon unit, you want to stay as long as possible. That is why working with this company several times a year is very important. Your search the aircon  repair and cleaning company will bring you to some that will look promising. After getting a quote from everyone, you can schedule and book an appointment. It will only take a few minutes for you to choose the best aircon company that will offer the best service at the lowest price. As long as you are consistent, and use the best company in your area, you can save money and keep your aircon system running as long as possible.]]>