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Warehouse Equipment Checklist

Whether your business focuses on product management or your warehouse only represents a portion of your operations, maintaining your warehouse equipment and working space is vital to efficiency and productivity of your organization. Here are a list key items to stock in your warehouse to keep your equipment and operations running smoothly.

Critical Backups

In some operations, downtime for forklift repair can cost the company hundreds of dollars an hour for everything from employees sitting idle to missed shipments, contract delays, and even damage to customer relationships. Warehouse equipment needs regular maintenance and occasional repairs; to avoid a logjam in the workflow due to things like broken forklift equipment, there are a few different approaches you can take. Even if you have a dedicated equipment technician, keep a list of numbers or emails easily accessible for things like forklift mechanics or dealers in case the problem is more extensive than what your technician can repair.

 Remember that many places like United Industrial, a forklift dealer in Agawam, MA, also provide rental services which can help your shop stay on target until your regular equipment is back online. You can also buy used lower-end backup equipment like pallet jacks to use in a pinch; these won’t cost as much to purchase or maintain as your normal equipment, but sometimes they can help keep things moving just enough during repairs that you don’t have to pay for a rental.

Dedicated Supply & Safety Center

If your company doesn’t have a dedicated equipment maintenance technician, you can still maintain a locking supply cabinet or designated area with various components needed for preventative maintenance to be performed by employees or management. For larger operations, you can even create a walled space near or within your warehouse using a ready-mix concrete supplier to clearly delineate the area dedicated to warehouse equipment. 

This are can include things like fluids, cleaning supplies, basic tools, and even things like spare batteries or tires (remember, propane or pressurized combustibles must be kept in outdoor storage areas), but also supplies for 5S and Safety markers throughout your shop. This can be a perfect area for a trashcan and cardboard recycling area to keep aisles and work areas uncluttered, and you can also keep things like box cutters and tie-downs here as well; maintaining organized work areas helps employees spend less time searching for what they need.

This supply center should also be at the heart of your safety and PM checklist system, where you can keep clipboards with daily inspection sheets, maintenance logs, order sheets, and much more. This spot can become the hub of your forklift safety program, including posters, guidelines, or even a daily message board. Making the time and space to put safety first can have a profound impact on your bottom line, reducing employee injuries, equipment downtime, and improving the efficiency of your operation.

Well-Trained Employees

Employees are the lifeblood of every company, and the more time and money you invest in providing your employees with top-quality safety and expertise training, the bigger your payoff in the long run. Workers comp claims and lawsuits can bleed a company dry, and consistently missed shipments or damaged parts can cause your customer base to dwindle over time. Putting effort into maintaining a highly-trained, safety-oriented workforce provides the front line of defense from a variety of problems that can tear into a company’s long-term viability.

Visual aids are often the most effective training materials to provide to your employees, so being able to share training videos with your staff is one of the easiest ways to avoid problems before they happen. Having guest speakers come to talk to your team is another way to provide expertise and training as well as keep your employees engaged in the process. Some organizations even create competitions and award systems to keep their employees safe on the job, because one of the most important components involving your warehouse equipment is the operator.


Turkish Interior Decorating Ideas to Transform Your Home

  • Turkish tiles
  • Beautiful tiles in a house can never go unnoticed by anyone. Changing tiles is the easiest yet most effective way to renovate a house that has begun to bore you. Use original hand-painted Turkish tiles to add a Turkish feel in your kitchen, bathroom, stair risers, patios, and the floor as well.
    1. Turkish rugs
    Talk of Turkey and everyone will think of their highly sophisticated Turkish rugs. A Turkey interior design would never be complete without these decorative carpets. Turkey rugs come in various colors that give your house a warm, comfortable look.
    1. Silver and Copper objects
    You will find silver objects in every Turkey home. Go silver all the way from the trays to the encrusted mirrors. Turkish interior designs involve not only silver but also copper. Invest in copper Turkey items like coffee pots and water jugs.
    1. Hand-painted ceramics
    Your house will not look Turkish enough without the hand-painted Turkish ceramic bowls in your kitchen. These handmade ceramics are made from beautiful natural stones; thus can be used creatively as decor pieces from the living room to any corner of your house.
    1. Lanterns
    Hand-cut glass making is one of the oldest art in Turkey. Therefore, you cannot afford to leave out a lantern when creating a Turkish interior design. Turkey lanterns come in various colors and designs and thus can be used from the kitchen to the living area; literally every desired corner of your house. Turkish lanterns are not only used to decorate a house, but also in a garden to make it look lit and beautiful.
    1. Turkish inspired knobs
    This strategy might sound petty but it really works. Every little detail in creating a Turkish interior design matters regardless of how small it looks. To complete the Turkish interior design, have some final touches on the knobs of your house furniture. Look for porcelain or ceramic door knobs to bring out the Turkish feeling eloquently. This will give your plain furniture a new upgraded outlook. Let the elegant Turkish designs and floral on your knobs give your guest the impression that you love traveling around the world. Well, that does not have to be true really!
    1. Evil eye
    Some people might find this weird but, if you have decided to go Turkish, leave no stone unturned. Turkey people use this art to keep away envious people with bad eyes. The evil eye decoration is a must-have in every Turkey home. You will find it hanging in every home’s entrance. If you really want your home to look all Turkish, then you have to try the evil eye. Hang it on your door for protection as the Turkey people believe.]]>


    Ideas for an Inviting Guest Bathroom

    Install a Standalone Sink A beautiful standalone sink would not only add a touch of elegance and luxury to your guest bathroom; it would increase its functionality as well. Badeloft offers a wide range of stand alone sinks at They are made from high quality stone resin, which offers a more natural and refined look compared to sinks made of other materials. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and you can customize them by choosing different fixtures, faucets and finishes, so you are sure to find a sink that will match your bathroom perfectly. Stone resin is lightweight and relatively inexpensive, yet it is also remarkably durable and easy to clean and maintain. Installing a standalone sink is a quick and easy way to elevate your guest bathroom, and to add a stylish and attractive centerpiece for your guests to enjoy. If you have the extra space and budget, you may want to consider installing a freestanding tub instead. A freestanding tub is the height of luxury for any bathroom, and can serve as a place for your guests to unwind and relax in. The freestanding bathtubs from Badeloft USA are made from the same high quality stone resin as their sinks, so they are also lightweight, durable and easy to install and maintain. They can retain heat longer than many other materials, so your guests can enjoy longer warm baths. Improve the Lighting Poor lighting can make any space feel dank and depressing, but especially a bathroom. Bathrooms need enough lighting to be functional and comfortable to use. If your guest bathroom has a large window that lets in plenty of light, take advantage of the natural light as much as you can. Use only light curtains that will protect your guests’ privacy while still letting in light. If you don’t have the advantage of a guest bathroom with a large window, don’t worry. There are still plenty of ways you can improve the lighting. Install bright, energy efficient light bulbs and a smart dimmer switch so your guests can easily switch from bright lighting while grooming themselves, to more subdued lighting when they want to relax and take a warm bath. You should place your lighting strategically; in general, the shower area and the vanity should be the most well-lit areas in your bathroom so your guests can see what they’re doing. Add Fluffy Towels and Robes One of the best things about hotel bathrooms are the fresh, clean and fluffy towels and robes they offer. Make your guest bathroom feel more luxurious and inviting by putting out fresh new towels and a fluffy robe and slippers for them to use. You may even want to invest in a towel heater so your guests can keep their towels warm while they shower or bathe. It won’t cost much or take too much effort to make your guest bathroom more inviting. Remember that it’s often the thoughtful little touches that make a room more welcoming. Always consider your guests’ needs and what would make their stay more comfortable, and you are sure to come up with more ideas yourself on how you can make your guest bathroom more inviting.]]>

    Home Improvement

    Soft or Hard Landscaping: Leave it to the Pro's – Here's Why!

    Property developers in many instances think about the hard and soft landscaping as an afterthought and not as an integral part of the development that should be part and parcel of the whole development process from inception. There are very valid reasons why commercial property owners should leave the development of new properties in the hands of professional landscaping companies and we will attempt to list a number of them below

    Integration of the architectural features and the landscape

    The use of professionals ensures that there is proper coordination between the architect and the landscaping company that will ensure that the development integrates the built environment into the landscape to ensure that it forms a unit that promotes the brand and contains all the elements of good design. The landscaping plan must be integrated into the site development plan to ensure the holistic integration of all design elements.

    Cost Saving

    The involvement of the landscaping company from the conceptualisation stage of the proposed development by the architect ensures that the hard landscaping can be done during the construction phase which in turn leads to cost savings as every feature will be planned and considered. There won’t be for instance a need to lift paving to install irrigation systems or rainwater reservoirs as an afterthought but simultaneous construction can take place. The soft landscaping can be planned to direct traffic flow, living walls to reduce electricity usage, water catchments to utilise and control stormwater that can all be placed in the development plan. The maintenance plan of the hard and soft landscaping can also form part of the initial planning.

    Sustainable design and development

    The use of landscaping companies with their extensive knowledge and contact with suppliers in different areas ensure that the materials used can be sourced at the best price and from local suppliers. In particular, the soft landscaping requires that plants, shrubs, trees and grasses must be suited to local conditions and must be able to withstand the pressures that the development and its traffic can place on living organisms. To this end, professionals can ensure that the development will be sustainable and will continue to complement the developmental goals and result in an increase in the value of the property.

    Protection of the environment and bio diversity

    The use of professional landscaping companies with their extensive knowledge and expertise ensures that the development will boost the protection of the environment and promote biodiversity. They will also ensure adherence to all local rules and regulations when the development takes place.

    Improved budgeting and project management

    When professional landscapers are used to do the hard and soft landscaping we find that the budgeting for the project and its maintenance can be done better and more accurately to ensure that the hard landscaping and in particular the soft landscaping always looks at its best and make provision for seasonal changes and plantings to ensure that the property always looks attractive and fresh. The implementation of the project can be better managed and coordinated when the landscapers also act as project managers.


    Fashionable Look to Your Home without the Help of Interior Designer

    There is a saying ‘face is the index of mind’, in the same way the appearance of a home gives an insight about the characteristic of a personality. Everyone hires Interior designers & decorators today in order to give the modern look to the room. Some of the major constituents of a modern room include impressive pieces like a statue, use of distinctive color textures and eye popping colors that easily attracts the attention of the people visiting in your home.

    There are many interior designers in Essex which can give you just the perfect advice when it comes to giving your room the ultimate look. But you can apply some clever intelligent tips without seeking the help of an interior designer.

    Maintaining a good proportion between the theme of the room and the colors that are used in the room plays an important role in determining the overall appearance of the room. Two colors: bold and metallic can completely change your room, prevent it from looking dull and instead look modern and well furnished. Paint the pillars with dark colors such as black or gray. This will immediately catch the attention of any one visiting in the room.

    If you want to make use of metallic colors, then apply it keeping in mind about the theme of the room. For instance: if you are using the white or black color, then make sure that the background color of the room is red or gray colored.

    Textures are always important in order to give your room the desired look. It is not necessary to make use of textures only with colors. Decorate your wall with attractive paintings or a big framed picture.

    To give a modern and contemporary look to your living space, it is important to give the ultimate design to the of your room as well. Do not go for furniture’s that are too bulky, as they are old fashioned now. There are a number of sleek furniture’s which are also available and they can give your room the modern look. Choose light colors for your furniture’s, use sofa covers and cushions. Be cautious while choosing the curtains and make sure that their color is in perfect harmony with the theme of the room.

    If you have a special ancient piece like artifacts or chandeliers then make the proper use of them. You can place the antique pieces at the center of the guest room on a table or can also place at a separate place. Placing the antique in one particular place will surely attract the attention of those visiting the room. As far as the Chandeliers are concerned, it is good to use them in rooms where guests come in large numbers.

    Lamps are another interesting option to create a relaxed atmosphere. You can either use them at your study room or can also place them at certain corners of the dining hall where light does not reach so easily. There are various types of stylish lamps available in the market. You can purchase them according to the type of your room. You can seek the help of the Interior Designers in Gurgaon and know how to make the proper use of the lamp.