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Simple Tricks for Enhancing Curb Appeal

Whether you’re selling your home, or just doing some seasonal sprucing up, boosting its curb appeal is a sure way to give it an instant makeover and add to its value. Many people are reluctant to undertake such a project thinking it’s too much of a hard work and too costly, but that’s not necessarily true. Sometimes, all it takes is some fresh paint and a little imagination and creativity.

To kick-start your inspiration, here’s a list of several DIY projects that will instantly boost your home’s curb appeal.

Fresh coat of paint

Adding a fresh coat of paint on your home exterior will immediately brighten up the whole look, however, if this sounds like too much, focus only on your front door. Instead of spending a fortune on replacing it, consider repainting it dark grey or royal blue and adding an elegant trim. This way, it will surely look like a grand entrance.

Dress up your windows

Dull and boring windows can really bring the whole look down, so consider dressing up your windows to boost their appeal. By installing window boxes, you’ll turn your boring windows into an impressive feature visible from the road. They’ll appear larger and, from the inside, everything will seem much more cheerful with the flowers and plants framing your view.

Camouflaging eye sores

DIY projects are all about creativity and resourcefulness and they’re a great chance to make a large difference without breaking the bank. The easiest and the quickest solution is camouflaging the obvious messes, such as wires, piping, and bulky electrical boxes that only ruin your home’s aesthetics. Anything that stands out can be painted the same colour as your house exterior so that it blends in and becomes less noticeable.

With a bit more creativity and a few more DIY tools, you can hide the outdoor air conditioning unit, your garden hose, and the big ugly dust bins. Don’t worry if you lack equipment and tools for these little projects – check out Mitre 10 Stores that pride themselves on stellar level of customer service and offers everything, from light bulbs, simple keys, power tools to whole garden sheds.

For example, hiding your air conditioning units should be a breeze with a lattice fence and a few hits of a hammer. Your garden hose can be kept out of sight by storing it in a wooden bench. You can easily build one with a storage underneath the seat and drill a hole in the back to fit the hose. And as for the ugly dust bins – they can be neatly hidden behind a small fence or even in a little storage shed.

New walkway

Building a new walkway, or sprucing up the existing one, can make your home seem much more welcoming. Connect your drive with the front porch or a side area in your backyard by simply placing a few pieces of slate or pavers. It will give the space more definition and make a noticeable difference in the overall look.

Mailbox makeover

In most cases, the first impression of your home is your mailbox, and since it’s so small, you can easily do it as one afternoon project, and make it look like it came straight out of a luxury home catalogue. For instance, you can opt for a cast stone post surround placed over a wooden post, paint it white or grey to give it an elegant makeover, or, if you’re feeling more free-spirited, leave it to your kids to decorate it!

Garage door makeover

Besides your exterior walls, the largest surface you have out there is your garage door. By adding a few details, such as a hardware kit, a new coat of paint, and faux windows, you’ll make a great difference for your home’s curb appeal.

With a little time and effort, a few creative ideas from our list, and some imagination on your part, you’ll be able to add a ton of charm and curb appeal to your home in no time!









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Transforming an Ordinary Rental Bathroom into a Spa Retreat

Bathrooms have significantly gained in popularity over the past couple of years, as we finally started grasping just how important they truly are. Naturally, the world of bathroom decor experienced a boost as well, because nowadays, simply having a beautiful bathroom is not enough. Apart from being beautiful, your bathroom should also be the place that inspires relaxation and that helps you achieve a complete peace of mind at the end of every day.

However, if you’re renting the apartment you live in, usually, most of the large-scale adaptations are out of question. But, the beautiful thing is – it doesn’t take a lot to turn your ordinary bathroom into a beautiful personal oasis. If you’re not sure how you can achieve that, read on.

Invest in luxurious items

The staple pieces of every spa retreat are, of course, big fluffy towels and bathrobes so they should be at the very top of your “to-buy” list. You can even go as far as to monogram them, adding an extra note of elegance and luxury. Additionally, you can also get those soft slippers you usually get in a spa as well as a cosy, soft bathroom mat. Make sure that every one of those things is made of high-quality organic materials because you deserve only the best.

Decorate with useful trinkets

Now, let’s face it, there’s hardly anything better than having a bath in a candle-lit bathroom at the end of a stressful day. Therefore, fill your bathroom with scented candles of soothing aromas, and add a potted plant here and there to add more life to the room. If you don’t know where to place these decorative pieces, or if you lack inspiration, check out modern bathroom supplies by Acqua Bathrooms. You can easily find a variety of bathroom shelves that are modern, easy to install and very practical.

Play with scents

Apart from scented candles, you can – and should – incorporate some other source of a pleasant aroma in your bathroom design. There are various studies that show just how beneficial different scents can be for our body and mind, so do your research and find the ones that suit you best. Aside from scented and essential oil diffusers, you can also place a few bars of scented soap in a large mason jar; not only will they make the air smell beautiful, but they can also work as an interesting decor piece.

Think about the rest of the design

Usually, spas are filled with greenery, relaxing scents, ambient music and items made of luxurious organic materials. So, why not mimic that in your bathroom? Think about the ways you can incorporate all of these elements in your bathroom. Replace your plastic laundry baskets with the organic woven ones and instead of your vinyl shower curtain go for a high-quality cotton one.  Basically, kick everything that looks cheap and is not made of organic materials out and replace it with items that don’t necessarily have to be expensive, but that should at least be of high quality and made of natural materials.

Instead of hiding your bath products, put them on display

Bath salts, bath bombs, organic soap bars and natural bath sponges are the essentials that will make your bathroom look even more like a personal spa retreat. Not only do they simply look amazing and work wonders in terms of the bathroom design but having them on display will remind and encourage you to use them more frequently. Good for the body – good for the mind.

As you can see, creating your own personal oasis is not that difficult at all. You just need a hint of creativity, some inspiration and enough willpower to treat yourself to an amazing spa experience right in the comfort of your own home.


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The Current Trend of Fitted Kitchen Types That You Can Install in Your Home

A kitchen is known to be the heart of the home, as it is the place where food is cooked and serves as a place to eat delicious food. Bespoke fitted kitchens are designed in many stunning styles to match perfectly with the rest of your home’s decor.

Bespoke fitted kitchens are the new trend and range in countless matching cabinets and dining furniture. Fitted kitchens are customised so that units are fixed perfectly in limited spaces, without reflecting the appearance of overcrowding.

Most homeowners opt for fitted kitchens as they are cost-effective and save the trouble of installing separate fixtures. Presently, customers have a choice of multiple types of fitted kitchens.

Below are a few popular kinds:

  • The Pullman or generally known as one wall kitchen work best being installed in studio apartments and compact flats. They can be fitted in any limited space and every corner can be utilised fully whilst not spoiling the decor of your home.
  • The Peninsula kitchen, commonly known as the island kitchen style, are common in open-plan kitchens, adjoining the living room. You can have a breakfast bar in between the living room and kitchen space so you can eat and drink whilst watching from the living room.
  • The L shape or Horseshoe shaped kitchen – It is a common kitchen mostly favoured in large apartments and homes with ample space. This kitchen provides a lot of storage space plus plenty of space to move around. People who love cooking and spending a lot of time in the kitchen prefer this kind of cooking space. Even a separate kitchen with square or circle platforms can be installed for enjoying cosy dinners.
  • The galley kitchen style. In small apartments often, the kitchen space is narrow, thus, installing cabinets on both sides is not possible. Most of the cabinets are placed on one side of the wall having sliding wooden panels. Usually, a combo cooking range is installed to save space.

Know the latest trend in fitted kitchens from popular sites ready to provide ideas about styling your kitchen suitable for your needs and budget.


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Three Things You Should Pair With Visual Merchandising to Optimize Sales in High-End Luxury Stores

Visual merchandising is the convergent point of online and conventional marketing. However, the client is yet to complete the purchase process. Therefore, every effort you put in visual merchandising should act as a continuation of the effort from other channels such as social media, blogs, and email marketing.

This implies that the design and plan of visual merchandising should target raising emotional connection to the highest possible point. Here are three more things you need to pair with visual merchandising to optimize sales and profitability.

Progressive market studies

Even as you work on perfecting visual merchandising, it is important to progressively carry market studies. You should particularly aim at evaluating the target niche and what competitors are offering. This will help you understand what the clients want and how to offer it in the best way. By studying the competitor, you will appreciate what they are doing better, and improve your store.

Shifting demands of the target clients

One thing about retail merchandising is that target clients are very fluid. Many people coming to your store are easily influenced by what they see on social media, television, and connection to companies. You can understand the shifting demand by following the clients coming to the store, following them on social media, and geo-mapping. Do not hold back on anything that can help you understand the target client.

Focus on enhancing clients’ value and progressive improvement

Every time that your clients come back to the store for new products or services, they want to get a feeling that things are getting better. Even if the items in the store have not changed much, you need to create a sense of progressive improvement. You can achieve this by changing lights, shifting displays, and altering the themes.

Remember that there is no single method of visual merchandising that is ideal for all stores. You must look for the strategies that match your store and keep clients coming back.


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Special Tricks to Help You Get More from the Reclaimed Dining Table

The old is back and, you know what; it is more enthralling and irresistible. People are now going to great extents to make their dining spaces unique, lovelier, and romantic. This is why reclaimed dining tables such as the English beam dining table and Georgian Architectural dining table among others have become the new must-have pieces. Even with the growing popularity, some still ask the question; why reclaimed? Why not new?

  • Because reclaimed furniture is made from previously used timber, it comes with unique features that cannot be found in new pieces.
  • There is a special connection between the user and the selected dining table because of history and the unique notion of reduced carbon footprint.
  • The special character of reclaimed pieces such as the Rustic dining table and durability has made many people rethink their focus on dé
  • Unlike tables designed from new wood, reclaimed pieces such as the 4 Beam dining tables are stylish and can easily match your style.

Special tricks for caring your reclaimed dining table to get more from it

Selecting a great reclaimed dining table such as Marble dining table is the first step to getting a special thrill back at home. Because the table is designed from old wood, it is important to take good care of it.

  1. Avoid placing very hot items directly on the table

The outlook of the Rustic dining table’s natural grains gives a new meaning to family dining moments. Now, couple the thrill with special lighting and flatware to transform the dining space into an irresistible paradise. To maintain this allure, it is important to avoid placing very hot items directly on the table. Instead, consider using coasters when placing hot items to avoid creating ring marks on your reclaimed dining table.

  1. Clean the table immediately when spills happen

Because the wood used to make the reclaimed dining tables are old, have uniquely placed grains and even nail holes, spills can easily seep through. This can easily compromise the integrity of the table. Therefore, you should always wipe away such spills as immediately as they happen.

  1. Avoid weakening the joints of the table

While it is true that reclaimed wood dining tables are sturdy, solid, and almost indestructible, they need to be handled with a lot of care. You should not drag the furniture when moving it or cleaning the space because the joints will get weakened. Instead, you should always lift and position them on the targeted area carefully. Besides, those using hard floors should position their reclaimed dining tables on soft padding.

  1. Make sure to wax the table for extra protection

To make the reclaimed dining table look more appearing and resistant to attacks, it is strongly recommended that you wax it. The good thing with waxing your reclaimed dining tables such as Axel MK2 Round dining table or Trap Dining Table is that you can apply the wax as many times as possible.

  • Get the right type of wax.
  • Apply the wax evenly on the surface of the Rustic dining table.
  • Leave the dining table for about 30 minutes to dry.
  • Once dry, use another dry piece of cloth to clear off the excess wax from the surface.

Reclaimed dining tables have become the new sensation in most homes. Whether you have a small family dining space or regularly host many visitors for dinner, top marble dining table will help the space to look unique and enthralling. Note that because of their rich outlook, it is very easy to vary the dining room décor or theme during meals. Do not simply go for any meal; select the best-reclaimed dining table for the best dining experience.


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How To Check Windows And Doors For Costly Air Leaks

You run your HVAC system for hours and feel a negligible difference in the temperature. Whether you’re trying to heat the home or cool it down, the longer you run your system, the more expensive it can get.

It seems you’re operating the system for hours only to bring the thermostat up or down a mere few degrees and you feel like something is wrong. But while any number of issues might be the cause of this particular problem, it’s only going to cost you more to bring in a technician to assess the trouble.

Though before you pay $60 or $70 for a service call, do some preliminary searching on your own to see if you can ascertain the reason for these higher utility costs with little to show for it. No, you shouldn’t go snooping around your expensive central air and heating unit, try checking your windows and doors to see if there are any leaks.

Window leaks are devious because they can be tough to find all the while letting your pricey climate-controlled air slip outdoors and leave you spending more to feel comfortable. That’s not all, leaks around doors and windows can also lead to other, bigger problems that can come about from water damage as rain, snow, and other forms of precipitation can seep in while your comfy air is seeping out.

The bottom line is, air leaks are bad for your home and your wallet. You can save money and stay comfortable when those leaks are found and patched up for good.

You’re probably thinking this is going to require some complicated finagling on your part, but some of these steps are actually quite simple and straightforward. All it takes is some patience, dedication, and a keen eye on your part.

But in the end, you’re likely to find the culprit or culprits in your windows or doors and if you don’t, at least that’s one potential suspect crossed off the list.

Look at Your Windows

If it’s a problem with the windows that concerns you, then check them first. Windows may look pretty simple but they are actually a combination of parts that must work in concert with one another in order to operate correctly.

That includes when they’re closed and locked shut. Examine every inch of your windows, the glass, the caulk, the frame, even the area in which it’s all been installed. Even the smallest, most minute fracture can be a serious strain on your finances. Nothing is too small to be overlooked, so if you come across some compromised portion of the window, even if it seems like nothing to worry about, you must have it checked.

Be sure to check for any spaces or gaps in between the frame of the window and the space in which the frame has been installed. Gaps and cracks may not look bad now or even present any noticeable visible damage, but they can and will get a lot worse if left unaddressed.

So even if the glass panes are entirely intact and unbroken, the frames may be the source of your leak.

This goes for your doors as well, no matter what kind of doors you have installed in the home, they may be letting your air slip out.

No Window or Door Unchecked

It might seem like a hassle but you need to check each and every window or door in the house. It doesn’t matter what kind of door or window, ALL of them have the potential to fail and that will be a burden on your purse strings.

Crank windows, traditional windows, skylights, sliding glass doors, even your front door. Get to all of them and check closely for cracks and gaps.

The Right Equipment

Perhaps you’ve given every room in the house a good long look but you’re still not finding anything, use the tools the pros use without paying professional prices. One of the most helpful of these tools is an infrared thermometer. Its primary function is to seek out the smallest adjustments in air temperature centered around your doors or windows.

This little gadget can alert you to even the most seemingly insufficient changes in air temperature and if the thermometer spots such fluctuations, then you might have found the problem…or just one of them.

Repair and Replacement

If there is a window or door that has a leak, it’s time to repair or possibly even replace. Luckily you have a wide array of both to choose from, view our energy efficient sliding patio doors and a whole spectrum of window types and sizes that won’t just solve your leak problem but beautify your home. In the end you’ll also increase the resale value of the home.