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3 Simple Tricks to Make your Room Unique and Relaxing This Summer – A Bohemian Inspired Theme

Home improvement could both be rewarding and stressful at the same time. There’s a lot of factors to consider and having a theme or inspiration is always essential in planning your desired look. Our bedroom is one of the most vital parts of our house. This serves as our sanctuary; Want a unique yet relaxing, laid-back feel to your room? Turn your space into a bohemian and a bit of gypsy style paradise through the ideas and tips below.


Play with Color Variety



Inspired by African and Arabian culture, the variety of the color can go to deep contrast to earthly tones.Mixing and matching, unlike pieces, is the key to boho décor, it goes double for color. Don’t be afraid to try on different shades. Take risks.

There’s no such thing as a wrong color. Free your mind and forget all about the paint color forecasts. Follow your heart and fill the room with colors. Turn it into an oasis that speaks to you.

The purple, blue and green may not be a conventional color scheme, but it appears easy and free. Red, yellow and orange could be a bit too much, but it can fire up your boho room, just don’t forget the earthy walls and indoor plants to balance the design of your room.


Adventurous with Patterns and Textures



Most of the hippie people I know are open-minded you will often hear from them that they were inspired with this type of style, matching furniture together with decorative elements of different cultures in their home.

There’s nothing more Boho that bringing your ideas into life. Your wall can be your canvas, release the artist in you! Choose a small corner and make it your very own creative spot for sketching, writing, designing and other artistic activity that you wish to pursue. Put your artworks in view to keep those creative juices flowing.

If you love making clay display like pots or wood carving, then you can also post your artwork in your room. Over Accessorizing would never be an issue for gypsy


 Get a Beautiful Bed for Lounging and Sleeping



Your room is your haven and your bed is an artwork in itself. Think of what you want to put in it. You can start from having some Caravaggio pendant to give your room a unique style. Deviate from the traditional rectangular bed with headpiece. Hanging bed, circular bed, or just simply put layers of mattresses on the floor are some brilliant bed ideas for your new Boho themed room. Use your favorite color for the blankets and get pillows with playful colors.

Get that bed with a touch of rustic wood that you’ve been aiming for or that cabinet you’ve always wanted. Turn your bed into a creative work of art.

Most bohos do not have a padded headboard that matches with the sheets. Let you’re the linen drape instead of making those hospital corners.



7 Signs That Your Home Has Water Damage

Water damage is insidious. You know what the signs are that your home suffered water damage? There are several ways you can tell, so be on the lookout for any of the signs and know when to contact professional.

  1. Bad odors.
Water damage, especially when it is in the walls, ceiling, or under the floor, can foster the growth of bacteria and mold. This typically results in a noticeably unpleasant smell. If you notice unusual or unpleasant smells in your home, be on the lookout for potential water damage.
  1. Stains
If you notice a unsightly, uneven stains on your walls or ceiling, it’s a sign of moisture. When water seeps down from above, it usually leaves a blotch on the wall of your home.
  1. Mold growth
If you notice mold growing in out-of-the-way places, you should have it inspected by a mold removal specialist. Not only is mold unsightly, but it can cause further damage and some types may even be dangerous to your health.
  1. Peeling paint
Moisture can cause stains to appear on your walls, but a far more unpleasant possibility is that it can cause your pain to peel. Windy drywall becomes too wet, it causes the paint to lose adhesion and to begin peeling from the wall. If this happens, the only way to repair it is to peel the paint off and repaint that section of the wall. However, the wall will need to be completely dry and evaluated for damage before you do this.
  1. Buckling of the floor
One of the most noticeable signs water damage is buckling in your floor. When water seeps underneath the floorboards, it can cause them to warp and distort. The first way most people discover this is by walking over the floor. If there is damage to your flooring, you may have to remove the carpet and the padding in order to dry it and repair it.
  1. Sagging walls
Just as before can buckle because of moisture, so can the walls in the ceiling. However, this is because of the added weight of the water. When your walls and ceiling begin to sag, they need to be dried out as quickly as possible. If they continue to sag to become a safety hazard.
  1. Unusual humidity
When there is extra moisture in your home, it usually appears in the form of humidity. If your home feels particularly humid for no reason you can tell, you should check for water damage, particularly around pipes and faucets. This is even more so the case for the humidity seems to appear from nowhere. Water damage is usually silent, and the presence of damage can lead to even more damage if it is not repaired quickly. Contact a water damage repair specialist if you see any of these signs in your home.]]>

Kitchen Improvement

How To Make Our Kitchen Smell Good?

Cabinet painters to use those paints on cabinets. NHance Wood Refinishing Mississauga provide that facility in your area and you can call their helpline to get details. We help with all wood refinishing needs, For More Information Please Visit My Site    ]]>

Home Improvement

How to Heat Your Home Efficiently and Affordably

home heating bills can be a challenge for even the most heat-conservative homeowners. If you’re doing your best to keep entryways sealed and windows protected, you could still find yourself paying way more for heating than you should. If you feel like you’re overpaying on heating each winter, your fuel type could be what’s to blame. Depending on the size and age of your house, you could be picking a fuel solution that simply isn’t effective for heating your home. That’s why doing the research on different fuel types, from natural gas to propane, is your best bet before winter hits. Before you get stocked up on home fuel from ThinkHeat Quarles Delivered Fuels, here are a few different heating types and price points to consider.


While oil used to be the standard when it came to home heating and cooling, its scarcity in the marketplace over the past few decades has made it the most expensive source of fuel for home heating. In older homes, however, oil is still used to heat homes that deal with extreme cold and wet winters. Heating an entire home using an oil stove comes out to around $2500 during a particularly harsh year. If you own a home that’s heated by oil, the best way to make sure you’re getting the best performance for your money is to keep your home’s doors and windows well protected and insulated so you can make the most out of your heat source. Adding extra layers for more effective sealing, such as window film and caulking, can also help an oil home heating system perform better during the winter.


Propane is also a favorite among homeowners who live in colder climates. It’s also a slightly cheaper alternative to fuel that does a great job of heating in winter. However, the carbon footprint of a home that uses propane isn’t the smallest, and it certainly isn’t the least expensive fuel source you can use to heat a home. If your home is powered by propane, make the most out of your heater by having it checked and serviced regularly. You should also install carbon monoxide alarms around your home in the event of a gas leak. If you want to save on yearly heating bills, look into payment plans that allow you to pay a fixed rate based on an average of your yearly heating bills. This will help you plan better and be more consistent about how you use your heating. Using “smart” thermostats can also help cut down on costs by determining when the house is occupied and when it’s empty. Your thermostat will soon “learn” to lower the heat automatically during periods of downtime and at night to give you built-in savings on annual bills.

Natural Gas

Cutting down the annual cost of heating by more than half compared to oil and propane, natural gas isn’t just the most commonly-used fuel source in America, it’s also the least expensive. Like propane, natural gas is a fossil fuel, which means it’s able to sourced easily and distributed at a cheaper rate. Unlike propane, natural gas is a clean fossil fuel that doesn’t produce any harmful byproducts or pollute the air in your home. It’s transported through a pipe and doesn’t require any delivery or dilution, and is considered the most efficient way of heating a home. In addition to lowering emissions, it doesn’t show any signs of going up in cost thanks to the surplus of natural gas lines founds in the States.


Electricity is a favorite heating method for homeowners who don’t want to pay a lot for consistent heat during the winter. However, electric heat isn’t as efficient as natural gas, and it’s harder to create a consistent, regulated temperature. While having a smart thermostat helps to keep electric bills in check, it can still take more time turned on at a high heat to produce the desired warmth in a home compared to natural gas or propane, which is more easily controlled. Since electric heat is relatively cheap, it can also be used as an easy alternative to more expensive heat sources like oil or propane. By purchasing a few space heaters, homeowners can turn off central heating in favor of the most “a la carte” style of warming up certain spaces. This can end up saving money by confining heat only to the spaces where it’s needed, as well as working to warm up a room more quickly and effectively than central air is able to. Space heaters work to quickly warm up a space and be shut off directly after, allowing the heat to linger in a space for longer.]]>

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Professional Carpet Cleaning- Benefits

carpet cleaning Houston is a great idea to maintain healthier, better looking and long lasting carpets. But the homeowners never ask the professional carpet cleaners to do the job as they choose to clean the carpets on a yearly basis. This seems to be a big order for many, mainly for the homeowners, who are diligent about weekly vacuuming and removing shoes. But in case you decide to hire a professional service of carpet cleaners, then you have to be clear about the things that you want to do, how much it would cost and whether there would be any additional charges. This will ensure you will only get the desired service without any undue surprises. The cost of cleaning the carpets professionally entirely depends on the local level and how many rooms you want to be cleaned. But the average cost ranges between a few hundred dollars. Benefits of hiring professional carpet cleaners: According to research, there are some really compelling benefits of hiring the professional carpet cleaning service Houston once a year while dragging all the furniture into the kitchen. Here are those:

  1. Health benefits: The carpets work quite like the filters in the AC/heating system and this trap all the dust, pollens, bacteria, allergens and other nasty things in the air. But over the time the carpets get filled up. So, cleaning up the carpets in every 6 to 12 months ensures that the air of the home remains pollution free and people living in the home breathe safe and clean.
  2. Maintaining the external appearances: As per the experts, it is necessary to clean the carpets in every 6 to 12 months before you start noticing the traffic lanes and spots to have the carpets last for a long time as well as to keep the carpets look like new for a longer period. If you leave the mark of dirt or soil in the carpet for a long period, then this will work its way into the fibers while making those stains almost impossible to remove.
  3. Longevity of the carpets: Last but not least, cleaning the carpets regularly also ensures that you would face a new carpet installation later than sooner. Usually, the carpets last for 10-15 years whether you clean those or not. But in case you don’t clean your carpet for year after year, then the signs of general wear and tear, stains and traffic lanes will make you call the carpet company for a new carpet before the warranty of the present carpet expires.


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