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Why Your Home Needs Its Own Air Conditioning System

During the hot summer months, we all just want a cool place to relax and get away from the heat. Unfortunately, relying on window units isn’t going to cut it when it’s sweltering and humid. Installed a whole-house air conditioning system is one of the only ways to cool down the entire home so that everyone is comfortable, no matter what room they are in. While you might think that installing an HVAC system is going to be too expensive, it’s not so long as you go with the right air conditioning contractor stockton ca provider.

Why AC is So Important Air conditioning is more than feeling comfortable in your own home. It’s often a health and safety protocol that can protect you, your family and friends from heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Almost 700 people die of heat-related causes each year, as reported by the CDC. These staggering numbers could often be avoided if these individuals had a home where they felt cool. The heat especially effects the elderly and babies, so if you have seniors living in the home or have a baby there, you desperately need an AC unit. Getting the System Installed If you’re going with a total┬áHVAC system, the company will need to put in duct work behind the walls that will feed the air and heat into each room. While this might seem like a pretty drastic project, it’s done in a noninvasive way and should not require whole walls to come down. Obviously, each contractor is different when it comes to how they install HVAC systems, so you’ll need to contact them and ask them how to go about having the system installed. What to Expect and How to Maintain HVAC systems take about one to two weeks to fully install and can cost you roughly $5,000 from start to finish. The price you pay is going to depend on what work needs to be done, how much duct work is needed and the company’s rates. Because of this, it’s advised that you have several companies come in and do estimates on the work so that you can have an idea of which company charges the lowest rate and the best possible work. Maintaining your HVAC system is important, as this helps the air conditioning to run well every year when you turn it on. Maintenance involves annual duct cleaning and covering the system in harsh weather. When you make the decision to install an┬áHVAC system, you’re doing something that isn’t just going to benefit your family, but it will benefit your home. When the house is cooler, pipes sweat and burst less often, and the value of your house goes up exponentially. In fact, simply adding an HVAC system to the home can increase its value by about $10,000. Contact a local contractor so that they can come to your home and do a free estimate, giving you information on how much the project will cost and how soon they can start.