How to Choose the Best Flat Roofing Materials for Your House in Lethbridge

  • For Aesthetic Purposes: A roof’s main job is to create a barrier of protection between a building and the elements, but they also make buildings look great. Flat roofing creates great visual appeal for some buildings.
  • Convenience: Flat roofs serve as an alternative and more convenient place to install outdoor HVAC units than installation done in high-traffic ground areas.
  • In terms of cost, flat roofing is relatively cheaper than other roofing materials available on the market. Types of Flat Roofing in Lethbridge:
    1. Built-up Roof (BUR): Popularly known as tar and gravel roofs, the built-up roof is fashioned from three or more plies of waterproof materials ballasted by a layer of smooth river stone and alternated with tar. With the advent of technology, these roofs are gradually using more advanced materials to strengthen them and enhance durability. Pros: – Solves the low pitch roof problem – Able to withstand heavy foot traffic – Inexpensive – Fire retardant Cons: – Very heavy – Has a distinct smell and messy to install – Difficult to find the source of leaks – Gravel can clog gutters
    2. Modified Bitumen Roofing: Modified Bitumen Roofing was designed to be a better alternative option to BUR, by adding polymer reinforced cap sheets or roof wears. The polymer used in their production enhances flexibility and elasticity in cold temperatures. Styrene butadiene styrene (SBS) and atactic polypropylene (APP) are common polymers used in the modification of this flat roofing in Lethbridge. The roofers in Lethbridge install this flat roofing through a number of installation techniques including hot applied, torch applied, self-adhered and cold applied methods. Pros: – Easy installation through the peel and stick method – Inexpensive – Designed with a light-coloured material that reflects heat, providing savings on energy costs Cons: – The torch down installation technique is a fire hazard
    3. Rubber Membrane: EPDM is a synthetic rubber engineered to resist damage from sunlight. This rubber roofing resembles an inner tube and it can be attached in numerous ways. Pros: – Homeowner-friendly installation – Leaks are easy to repair – The material is lightweight – Designed to be resistant to scuffs and tears Cons: Has a tendency to absorb heat, which increases energy costs
    4. TPO TPO roofing is a method of flat roofing in Lethbridge that uses polymers to chemically bond rubber. TPO is one of the best kinds of roofing, providing numerous benefits. Pros: – Highly energy efficient – Durable Cons: – Expensive
    5. Silicon Spray: In simple terms, this is the use of silicone as a protective coating on an installed roof. Pros: – Contain no seams like those found in membranes Cons: – The most expensive of all the options available
    Conclusion: How do you decide which flat roofing is best for you? It is best to meet with several skilled and professional roofers in Lethbridge and have them lay out the best options for your home.]]>